Clint Beasley

Clint // Director of Media & Communications

What's up? I'm Clint.

I'm the Director of Media & Communications around here. I produce videos and graphics for the church, and manage the technology, social media, and this slammin' new website. I love the Braves. Probably an unhealthy amount. I love my wife, Sarah, and our 3 kiddos even more. And I love my church family! Shoot me a note below if you'd like!

Contact Clint

If you want to serve on the production/tech team for Jazz Nativity or during the worship service, please send me a note below!

For Jazz Nativity, we have the following needs:

-Camera Operators (Nothing fancy, just hit record and move the camera as needed!)

-Video Switcher Operator (Switching the camera angle at the right times)

-Stage-hands (move mics, help out around the stage)

These spots are open for anyone who is willing to learn just a little or to those who already have experience. Thanks!

Or email him at