Richard Bowling

Get to know our Worship Arts Pastor Candidate


God has done amazing things among us! He is a good God who is always doing a new thing!


As we step into a new year, a new beginning, we are in great anticipation of what He has in store for Gayton and those we serve.


To that end, it is our pleasure to share with you that the Worship Arts Pastor Search Committee, in dedication and prayer, is recommending Richard Bowling for the position of Worship Arts Pastor.




Richard is a humble, talented, and gifted artist who will bring to us leadership and creativity as he joins me (Pastor Mike), the staff team, and all of you to lead meaningful and passionate worship experiences at Gayton.


As a native of Santa Fe, Texas, Richard began his formal education attending Dick Grove’s School of Music in Studio City, California where he studied arranging and composing, with an emphasis in film scoring.


For nearly 25 years, Richard has been involved with full-time church ministry, and has successfully and creatively led worship through developing creative and technical teams.


Richard’s giftedness expands from directing music rehearsals for vocals and rhythm sections, to leading a full symphony orchestra.


He has also written and directed theatrical productions, produced television broadcasts, and built media teams that reach the hearts of multi-generational audiences.


Richard has been responsible for every element of a worship service that congregations can hear and see, as well as stage productions. As you will see from Richard’s resume, he has experience in overseeing the entire process of bringing about creative and inspiring worship experiences that go above and beyond.




You can learn more about Richard by clicking on the following link to his resume.




Richard will be joining us for worship on Sunday, January 27 where you will get a chance to meet him and experience a time of worship through his leadership.


We will have special called business meeting on January 27 at 10:30am and 11:45am for a congregational vote to extend a ministry call to Richard.


Over the coming days and weeks, you will get to know Richard and his beautiful family as he shares a series of snapshots of who he is and most significantly, Richard will share his heart with you, our Gayton family.


We are so very grateful to God for bringing Richard to us!


With the Lord’s timing and your affirmation, we believe that Richard’s presence of humility, giftedness, and heart for the Lord, will indeed have been worth the wait.


In anticipation,

Pastor Mike