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Feed My Starving Children

Packing meals as a community, saving lives of children across the world.

Support Feed My Starving Children

Saving Children through Meals

FMSC is a non-profit organization that packages food in the US and distributes it worldwide to organizations that help feed hungry children. In 2016, volunteers packed over 200,000 meals at Gayton that were sent to Swaziland. They went to an organization called Children's Cup. In 2017, we packed our 1 millionth meal! In 2018, 1,188 boxes 256,608 meals from Gayton‚Äôs mobile packing event were shipped to LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry in Uganda. In 2019, over 250,000 meals were packed by Gayton volunteers. In 2020 Gayton volunteers packed 279,936 meals bringing out total meals packed to over 2 million!

In total, we've packed 2,004,969 meals!

FMSC is funded by generous donations from our Gayton Family and community and by proceeds from Jazz Nativity.


for download on Bandcamp.

All proceeds will go to

Feed My Starving Children.


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