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Diane Belden // Financial Administrator

Hi, I'm Diane!

Hi. I am Diane Belden. I moved to Richmond in May of 2018. Moving seems to be my thing. My dad was in the Army so we moved a lot. I went to high school in metro Atlanta and graduated from Georgia Tech, so I think of Atlanta as home. I met the most amazing man, Richard, at Georgia Tech and we married after we graduated. In our married life we have lived in Texas, New York, California, North Carolina, Connecticut, NoVA and now Richmond. I grew up an Episcopalian and started attending an evangelical church in 2005. We have a daughter, Jessica, who also lives in Richmond with our granddog. Our son, Stephen, is in Dallas with his fiancee and our other granddog. Richard and I adopted a puppy, Shelby, 3 days after we moved into our house. We think we are living in the best place of all the places we have lived.

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