Discernment Task Group

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DTG Filling Volunteer Positions

The Discernment Task Group (DTG) is currently working to fill volunteer positions in the following areas:

Agape/SPACE/Quest Board: 2 positions

Task Groups: Human Resources (1 position), Stewardship (3 positions), Facility (2 positions)

We are looking for volunteers who will be prayerfully considered for service. If you feel led to serve in any of the areas noted above, please contact Becky Tyson, DTG chair, by submitting the form at the bottom of the page or call her at 804-338-8818. Please respond no later than April 7, 2019.

Task Group Position Descriptions:

Human Resources Task Group: Assist the church in staff related matters. At the request of the SLC and Senior Pastor, it shall help craft job descriptions, provide guidance on annual review of salaries, benefits and other compensation, recommend policies, and provide other personnel related services.

Stewardship Task Group: Recommend to the SLC a total stewardship development plan that assures financial accountability. It shall prepare and submit the annual budget to the SLC. It shall ensure that the church follows the principles of sound financial management. It shall work with the treasurer in preparing and presenting periodic reports to the SLC. It shall seek to encourage the church to dedicate financial resources to the glory of God and the extension of His kingdom. In carrying out its duties, it is anticipated that the task group may assign responsibilities for budget and financial accountability to a budget sub-group and a finance sub-group.

Facility Task Group: Assist the church in matters of property administration, including procurement, inspection, and maintenance of the physical properties of the church. Its work shall include the allocation of space for the ready use of the church and the recommendation of appropriate policies for use of the church buildings and grounds.

Agape/SPACE/Quest Board: Serves in an “overseer” capacity for these three ministries housed at Gayton Baptist Church. Duties include, but are not limited to the following: Review current financial transactions including income and expenditures; approve working budget each year; make decisions concerning contributions by the ministries to Gayton Baptist Church; participate in employee hiring; review scholarship applications; participate/review/assist in any “large” purchase items for any ministry; ie, playground equipment, new bus, etc.; meet on at least a quarterly basis or more frequently as dictated by need.