What is Nexus?

Nexus is a movement intentionally geared toward the unchurched in our community.

By reaching those we're not currently reaching, we will reach generations young and old to see every life changed by Jesus!

Nexus Preview
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What should I expect at Nexus?

The Nexus gathering is on Sunday at 10:45am in the Gym.

Nexus is volunteer and staff led, built on the foundation of poly-centric leadership. It will lean on a heavy volunteer-base, and includes specific teams such as:

-Guest Services (Next Steps, Welcome Team, Hospitality)


-Kids Ministry





Reaching all generations means we have to connect differently for different generations. Nexus is designed to connect with people coming to our church building from the minute they turn in, until they leave.

Connecting people with Groups is key to the success of seeing every life changed by Jesus, and for the connection to extend beyond Sunday.

How Can I Learn More?

We will continue to post additional content and resources here, so stay tuned for more over the coming days!

Nexus Facebook Live Replay: What is Nexus?

Nexus: Same Church, Different Expression

Team Descriptions

Guest Services (Hospitality & Welcome)

We open doors, engage the people, share coffee, and take care of the details so that every person feels welcome and ready to worship.

Guest Services (Next Steps)

We love connecting people into the life of the church. We have conversations in order to help people take their “next step” with Jesus.


We make all things look good! We keep the church in-the-know by communicating through graphics, video, social media, and more.


We have a heart for worship. We are a team that connects with the Lord in private and public worship, and are gifted in leading others in worship of Him through music.

Kids Ministry

We love that God created fun! We create an environment of fun for kids to know, love, and worship Him. We invest in the lives of kids and partner with their parents.


We keep service rolling. We manage the lights, sound, and everything on the screens and stage so the church can worship without distraction.


We help connect people to a LifeGroup in the church. We work with the Discipleship Council to make sure that people are being discipled.


We are behind the scenes, not often noticed, but the church would notice if we didn’t exist. We are gifted in what we can do with our hands. We move, lift, and fix.

Connect with the Nexus Core Team

The Nexus Core Team is: Jeff Lindquist, Victoria Fitzgerald, Michael & Katelyn Alsop, Clint & Sarah Beasley, Aaron & Kim Lee, David Giles, and Karl Enters.

The SLC Liaison for Nexus is Don Parr.

Connect directly with the Nexus Core Team below for general inquiries. To join a Nexus team, go here!