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Monthly updates from the Senior Pastor Search Task Group


March 24, 2021

The SPSTG would like to thank you for your participation in Call Weekend. We are truly humbled by how you gave your time to be in one or more of the sessions/services. You made the weekend a success. It was so good to see faces we haven't seen in a year and can't wait until we can be together again. 

Thank you, also, for honoring Bryon's request to allow him to break the news to his current church. He was so thankful to be able to tell them in his way.

We join you in anxious anticipation of Bryon's arrival at Gayton. Six weeks seems like a long time but it will go by quickly. By the time we celebrate Easter (with baptisms), say goodbye to David Washburn, and honor mothers, Bryon will be here.

We encourage Gayton to allow Bryon these final weeks at Buena Vista. We want to give him the chance to finish well and pour his energy into closing out and saying goodbye.

Please continue to pray with us at 9pm on Thursdays.

Stay tuned, we will be sharing more information in the weeks to come.

March 7, 2021

The Senior Pastor Search Task Group is pleased to announce that we have the final candidate for our senior pastor. We had many qualified candidates but one clearly rose to the top.

We believe he is the perfect fit for Gayton. Even from our first conversation with him, it was comfortable and easy. He has a heart for people and for Jesus. He is a man of scripture, of prayer and of action. He preaches the Word without apology and loves to dive deep into what God says. When he was here to meet with us, he asked for time alone in the Worship Center; he and his wife prayed for us and for his decision. In his current position, he has organized and worked with partners to bring God outside of the building and meet needs in the community. He already has lots of ideas to maximize our impact in our community and to bring us back together.

He will be here to preach on March 21 in both services, please join us in person or online. There will be several opportunities for you to hear from him over that weekend. The schedule for the weekend will be available this week, watch your email and our website. Voting will be open during the weekend and will close at 1:00 pm on Sunday. 

Because his current church doesn’t know about us, we are not releasing any personal information at this time. We’ll provide more details on March 16; there will be a button on the website for “call weekend,” so check back.

Please continue to pray with us on Thursday nights at 9:00.


Update January 25, 2021

The SPSTG would like to thank you for your encouragement and your interest in the search process. We are working hard to find Gayton’s next pastor. We continue to receive applications and we have some wonderful candidates. We have candidates in different steps of the process and are prayerfully considering each one. We would love to be able to give more specifics to you but we want to respect the confidentiality of each candidate. We are excited about what we see and know that God is bringing us the best fit for Gayton.

Please keep praying with us at 9:00 on Thursday nights. Wherever you are, just stop what you’re doing for a minute to pray for the pastor search. Specifically, pray for discernment for our team and for the candidates that we are reviewing.

Update 12/15/20

Thank you for continuing to pray with and for us. The job posting has been active for two weeks. The applications have started coming in, and we are praying over and reviewing each one. Please continue to pray for our wisdom and discernment and for the candidates. Pray with us at 9:00 PM on Thursdays.

SPSTG Update – December 6, 2020

We have been working tirelessly in the 2 months since we were appointed by the church. Our goal, thus far, has been to post the senior pastor job as quickly as possible while producing a comprehensive and accurate posting. We listened to your feedback and have incorporated all we heard into the job.

We are thrilled to tell you that the senior pastor job posting is active and ready to receive applications. We have the position posted on several platforms through the BGAV. We are directing all interested parties (including you) to view the information on the church website ( Click the button titled “Senior Pastor Candidate Info” to see everything we have designed for applicants. On that webpage, you will see: the Pastor Profile - a description of the pastor we are seeking; the job description - a more detailed, measurable version of the Pastor Profile; the Church Profile – an in-depth description of our church; the application; and some other links we think a prospective applicant might find of interest.

We require that all applicants complete the application, which contains some questions to help us get to know the applicant more than just a resume. Before submitting the application, a resume, cover letter and link to a sermon must be attached. The application process is a bit rigorous by design. This is a hard job and we want someone who won’t shy away from the challenge.

We still need your help. If you know someone you think is a good fit for Gayton, please let us know. We have already received a few referrals and are reaching out to those people. You know our church and our needs and we value your input. You can direct potential applicants to the website to apply or you can let the SPSTG know about your referral and we’ll take it from there. If you have a name to pass along, you can contact any member of the team or you can email their contact information to us at

Lastly, we invite you to continue to pray for this process. We have clearly seen the answers to your prayers as we have been working. We believe that God has already selected our next pastor, we just have to do the leg-work to find that person. Please pray for our team as we evaluate the applicants and move through the process. Please pray for our next pastor, as they consider applying and leaving their current congregation. Please pray for our church as we journey through this time of change.

Join us at 9:00pm on Thursdays to take a moment to pray and also pray anytime the Spirit leads you.

November 5, 2020

The Pastor Search Task Group continues to meet weekly and we are making great progress. Several key tasks are already complete and we are working to update the job posting and supporting documents to advertise the position soon. 

We cannot convey how much we appreciate your prayers. We have seen God’s hand at work and we know it is because of your prayers. Be sure to set your alarm, and we’ll meet you in prayer every Thursday at 9:00 pm. 

Oct. 21, 2020

The Pastor Search Task Group remains busy and committed to the pastor search process. As we rely on God’s hand in our work, we ask that you join us regularly in prayer. To make it easy for you, we have provided a prayer guide that you can download (below). Keep it on your device, or print and post on your refrigerator, monitor, bathroom mirror… wherever works best! Specifically, we will be pausing to pray at 9pm on Thursday nights, and invite you to join us in spirit, from wherever you are, in that moment of pause and prayer.

Oct. 6, 2020

Dear Church Family,

The Pastoral Search Task Group (PSTG) is off to a strong start.  We are honored and humbled to serve the church in this capacity.  The PSTG truly understands the gravity and long-term impact of the search process and takes the responsibility seriously.

We have started to meet on a regular basis and are forming bonds, coming together with prayer and humility.  To help us prepare our course, we are tapping into many resources.  We’ve designated Marcia Barber as the chair, Mike Brumagin as vice chair and Eleina Espigh as secretary.

The most important way the church can partner with us is to pray.  Pray for patience; God’s timing is always perfect.

In His service,

Your Pastoral Search Task Group