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Gayton Adults

Adult Discipleship Opportunities

Summer in the SON

From May 26 - Sept. 1 we will worship at 10:00 am and have Bible Study at 9:00 am and 11:00 am. 

Kids Ministry will have programming at 9:00 am and 10:00 am. 

Check out for Bible Study class information.

Adult Discipleship Classes 

Summer Session

May 26 - Sept. 1

9:00 am

Spiritual Companions led by Jordann McMahan in Room 225

We will explore different spiritual practices, read and reflect on scripture, and grow through authentic sharing and prayerful discernment of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This group is open to all who would like to join.

Parent Coffee Talk led by Pastor Bryon in the Pumphouse Cafe

Coffee and connection for parents with Pastor Bryon in the Pumphouse Cafe. Drop your kids off in Kids Min or Youth Brunch and gather with other Gayton parents to hear a word of encouragement and for prayer and support as we endeavor, TOGETHER, to raise disciples who make disciples.

Bridges led by Carolyn Mustian, Janet Garrett and Lisa Deane in the Community Room

The Bridges Class is studying the Book of Psalms with special focus on the major categories of these songs and also how we can apply what we learn to our praise, worship, and prayer before our Mighty God.

Youth Brunch led by Mark Ratliff and Jennifer Mullins in The Drawing Room (formerly the Rec Office in the gym)

“Fueled”- a study on spiritual disciplines & habits that help us grow in our faith.

Kids Ministry Programming for Nursery, Preschool and Elementary will meet at 9:00 am during Adult Bible Study and at 10:00 am during Worship -

Jesus gives us the most amazing reason to party. That’s why we believe God’s love and the Gospel of Jesus is the best news ever! During our summer schedule from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, kids in Preschool Church & Elementary Kids Worship at 10 am will celebrate the Good News of Jesus with lots of energy, excitement, and opportunities to dance into God's word as we explore what it means to have joy. 

Joy is an attitude—a decision to trust God no matter what is going on in our lives. From the very beginning, God had a plan for the world. As we dive into the Bible, we’ll discover God’s plan for us and how God has been at work through it all. When we see and celebrate what God is doing, we can find true joy!

11:00 am

Women led by Janet Letteer in Room 221

The Women’s class will be studying Kay Arthur’s book, “Lord I Want to Know You.” 

Harmony led by Keith Morauske in Room 225 (Will NOT meet on Sunday, May 26)

The Harmony class will be studying the Book of Jonah.

Sojourners led by Becky Tyson in Room 114

June – God’s Chosen Ones: Samuel, Saul, and David

July – Encounters with God/For Better or Worse – pairings of Gospel texts with Old Testament prophetic texts

August – The Church at Ephesus – Lessons from Ephesians

Wednesday Bible Study

Rev. Bryon Lepere and Rev. Jennifer Mullins will be co-leading a Wednesday Night Bible study called, "Jesus said, "I Am..." - a study on Jesus' "I am" statements in the Gospel of John. The whole church is invited to come. Folks are invited to bring their own dinner at 5:45pm to the Pumphouse Cafe for fellowship. The Bible study will go from 6:30-7:30pm. 

April 3 — I am the living water - Jennifer

April 10- I am the bread of life - Bryon

April 17 - I am the light of the world.- Jennifer

April 24 - I am Door/ Good Shepherd - Bryon 

May 1 - I am the resurrection and the life - Jennifer

May 8 - I am the way, the truth, the life - Bryon

May 15 - I am the true Vine.- Jennifer

May 22 - “I am He” - Bryon