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Next Steps

Each of us have a next step to take.

What's Next?

So what is a 'Next Step'?

A Next Step is any step you take as you move forward in your faith in Jesus. Joining a group, giving, serving, connecting with another member of the Gayton church family about questions you have about the Bible, Baptism, and more.

Every next step is a big step in seeing every life changed by Jesus. We believe that each next step listed below is an important part of everyone at Gayton. Explore YOUR next step!

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Being a part of a church doesn't mean only coming to be with your church on Sundays and filling your cup of feel-good. Church is not a spectator sport!

Being a part of a church means being a part of what is happening in the body of the congregation. Serving with your church is essential to following Jesus and learning to follow Jesus.

For you, this may mean getting plugged in to our Kids or Student's ministries, or going on a mission trip, or any other number of ways to serve with Gayton.


Another Next Step is to pray through how God may be calling you to give through tithes and offering.

Sharing a portion of what God has put in your care back to God through the ministries of Gayton is how our church can continue the good work that He has directed. It supports the work we do for the Kingdom of God as a church, supports the staff, pays the bills of the church, and enables the church family to do ministries in countless ways.


Baptism is a outward expression of an inward change. When you decide to follow Jesus and ask Him for the forgiveness of your sin, He literally removes the sins from your life as far as the east is from the west.

Part of being an obedient follower of Jesus is intentionally sharing that life change with the people around you. Going under the waters of baptism is symbolic of Jesus' death, and coming out of the water is symbolic of Jesus' coming back to life. The act of baptism is one way a new Christian shares their new life in Jesus with the people around them! Complete a Connect Card below if you are interested in finding out more about baptism.

Connect for more info on Next Steps

If you want to connect to find out what your next step is, submit the connect card below!