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Walking beside you in dignity



We welcomed 26 individuals, including 3 new families and 3 deliveries to home-bound seniors.

The Food Pantry is a great way to serve. Volunteers are key to our success in welcoming new guest to our pantry. Here are specific ways you can help! You can also contact us at 

Prayer requests:

-4 families new to us over the past few weeks are new to the USA after fleeing from Venezuela. Pray for their ability to assimilate in the Richmond area and receive the appropriate training to find a job and become more proficient with the English language. 

-New mother suddenly lost her job without cause and finds herself trying to rebuild. In addition she is caring for her mother while going through chemo. Lift her up and give strength to sustain these trying times. 

-One of our elderly guests was recently hospitalized with complications from COPD and heart disease. He's home and recuperating. 

-One of our faithful volunteers family lost multiple children in a household fire. Pray for their father's peace as he was unable to save them. He is struggling with medical issues from this fire as well. 

One final thing...

A huge shout out to our volunteer team. We couldn't do it without them. 


Jesus said, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry,

and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.

John 6:35

For those in need of food assistance:

Brochure download: Food Pantry Guidelines July 2017

Gayton Baptist Care Ministries operates a food pantry to help our neighbors in need in western Henrico and nearby Goochland. The dignity and confidentiality of pantry guests is of great importance to us.

Pantry Hours:


You can schedule your appointment here.

For more information, submit the form at the bottom of this page, email or leave a message at (804) 476-0632.

We would like to walk beside you during your time of difficulty beyond just sharing food. Please call or email if you would like someone to listen to your story and pray with you. We may be able to help connect you with other resources in our community or encourage you in other ways as well.

If you know someone in need of assistance, Care Ministries is here to help. Please let others know this resource is available in our community.

For donors:

We welcome donations! Donations may be dropped off on the carts located in the upstairs church lobby and downstairs near the office. Perishable items can be placed directly into the Food Pantry’s refrigerator or freezers, or arrangements can be made for someone to meet you to receive your donation. Call 476-0632 or email if you need help with perishable donations.

Most needed donations include:

canned meat (tuna, salmon, chicken)

soups, stews, and chili

spaghetti and sauce

peanut butter and jelly

cereal and oatmeal

canned vegetables (green beans, peas, corn, carrots, greens, spinach, etc.)

canned fruit



macaroni and cheese

evaporated milk



fresh produce (potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, apples, and citrus)

(Whole grain, natural, low sodium, and low sugar items are preferred)

We also accept children’s book, Bibles and devotionals for all ages, devotional magazines, pet food, paper products, personal hygiene products, and cleaning products.

Financial donations are welcome. You can designate your check or e-giving contribution for “Care Ministries” and we’ll do the shopping for you.


For volunteers:

Volunteers are needed in a variety of roles. Whether you would like to work directly with our guests or prefer a role behind the scenes, we have a place for you. Call 476-0632, fill out the form below, or email for a complete listing of opportunities.

Would you like to greet guests to our pantry on Tuesday afternoons? Sign up here: