Online Giving

Your generosity making possible the work He's called us to do

AGAPE/SPACE/QUEST PAYMENTS: If you are trying to make a payment for AGAPE/SPACE/QUEST, click here to send your payment.

(*The giving block below is only for church giving.)


If you prefer to give by paper check or some other means, you can also mail your gift to:

Gayton Baptist Church, 13501 N. Gayton Road, Henrico, VA 23233

How to setup your online giving

The Bible says to give cheerfully, so why should the giving experience be a drag?

That's one reason we've launched a new online giving platform powered by!

What's this means for you:

-A much more enjoyable and simplistic giving process.

-It works WAY better on mobile than the old platform.

-It wasn't built for the 1900's. It's built for the modern mobile transaction. You can even use Apple Pay!

-Starting now, you'll use the new online giving platform for your giving.

Setup is very easy, but just to make sure you have all the help you need...

-You can watch the walkthrough video or follow the text instructions available at the bottom of this web page.

-Make note of how you can cover the processing fees was well!

*Tutorial video above, detailed instructions, and FAQs below

Instructions on Getting Started


  1. Click on the New Online Giving link above. The new giving interface through Tithely will open.
  2. Click on "Sign Up" at the top right and follow the steps to create your user account* (Note: It is recommended you create an account. If you're giving a one-time gift, you don't have to create an account, although it's still recommended)
  3. You can add your preferred payment methods while creating your user account
  4. Fill out the info (amount you want to give, payment method, etc...)
  5. Consider checking the "Cover Fees" option. Every transaction has fees associated for processing the payment that are taken from your gift. To make sure Gayton receives your full intended gift, select the "Cover Fees" option. The fee total will be shown to you and added to your total transaction amount.
  6. Consider using ACH as your payment method. It's drawn directly from your checking account and the fees are much lower than credit card processing.
  7. If you're setting up a recurring giving, select that option at the bottom before you finish and select the frequency.
  8. Click the "Give" button at the bottom to complete your transaction.


Why are we switching giving platforms?

Great question! While the world around us has changed and progressed in the online transaction experience, we (and many churches) have not. We're now accustomed to smooth, beautiful payment experiences that adapt no matter what device we're using. The online payment experience, for example, at is built for the way people interact with their devices NOW, not 10 years ago. Having a sub-par giving interface can actually become a barrier to people living out God's call on their lives to give financially. Switching to Tithely allows us to remove that barrier and have a system that's relevant and reflective of giving with a cheerful heart. The giving portion of Tithely is also the first step in adopting a whole new church management software platform as well.

Why are there processing fees?

Another great question! Any time you perform an online transaction using a payment method such as a credit/debit card, or ACH bank transfer, there is a payment processing company that works in the background. This isn't unique to Gayton, but exists for all organizations and companies who utilize these payment methods. This processing company ensures full cyber security measures such as end-to-end encryption for the payment data, and compliance with federal regulations. So while that ensures a secure and convenient way to give to Gayton, it also means a small percentage of your gift goes to the fees these processing companies charge. You can select to cover these processing fees which ensures your full intended gift goes to Gayton, and the processing fee is added to the transaction total. If you select "cover fees", it wills how you exactly how much the fee adds to the total.

If I cover the processing fees, are the fees tax deductible?


Can I still give via check or cash?

Yes! Although we encourage you to give online. If you prefer giving via check, consider setting up recurring giving using ACH (bank account) within the online giving system. That way, even if you're out on vacation or out for a Sunday, your gift is still given. Giving online also cuts down on the amount of time it takes our finance admin to process giving each week.

Does this mean we're not doing offering plates/baskets in the service anymore?

No - We will still have a time of generosity where we pass around baskets for those who prefer to give by cash or check. It also remains an opportunity for the congregation to place their connect cards in the basket.