Food Pantry

Latest Bi-weekly Update


Amy, Mike, Carolyn at Tom Leonard's

Recently, we hosted 27 families families with 4 new families and 2 homebound. Continuing to see an upward trend of new families over the past month. Many of the families are coming to us as referrals from case/social workers. When asking how they found us the consistent theme has been the personal service and welcoming environment. 

All donations received in the Tom Leonard's wishing well for the month of September are benefiting our food pantry. Tom Leonard's matches all donations. So visit our friends at Tom Leonard's!

Most needed items: 

Grocery bags

Plastic bags

Canned green beans


Prayer/Praise requests:

AA - Guests daughter has a heart condition and has aged out of health coverage from Medicare. She is trying to receive disability and seek other options that may be available to her. 

BB - Many of our guests are struggling with financial and employment issues. Most are actively working to find solutions and get back on their feet. We are here to support and provide direction when appropriate. 

CC - Guests workplace is dealing with relationship issues. Many coworkers are disgruntle. 

Thank you for everyone's continued support!

If you are interested in becoming involved we'd love to have you. You can reach us at As we approach the holiday season we will be stocking the pantry to account for us being open from mid-November till the week before Christmas. This will take many many volunteers to not only work at the pantry weekly but alot behind the scenes. We'd love to have you join us!