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We partner with missionaries and local believers in Peru to make Jesus' name known among Peruvians

Recent Update from Rick and Donna Martin

Joining God's Work in Peru

Gayton provides financial and prayer support to church members, Rick and Donna Martin. They have been in Peru for approximately five years. They are dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus (Romans 1:16) that creates the well-being of God (3 John 2, Ephesians 1:3-23) among the people of the Andes Mountains (Matthew 28:19, Nahum 1:15) and beyond. They and their team have begun ministries to teach English, educate children, teach the Bible in small groups among university students and adults, and share food with the gospel message to the poor. They have recently returned to Peru after being stranded in the States due to COVID-19. Because of the loss of two team members and the challenges of the pandemic, they are having to adjust their way of ministry.