Gayton Family Business Meeting

Upcoming June 3 (via Zoom)

Business Meeting & Town Hall - June 3 (via Zoom)

On June 3 at 6pm, join together via Zoom for our next town hall and business meeting.

The following items will be presented:

This meeting will be virtual over Zoom.

The Zoom meeting link will be sent out by church-wide email. If you don't receive our weekly church emails, you can sign up here on the Glance page. The business meeting will be followed by Pastor Mike's weekly prayer meeting on the same Zoom call.

Voting on the proposed items will take place via digital ballot that will be live during the business meeting June 3 - June 7 at 6pm.

A link to the digital ballot will be made available through The Glance and by email. If you are unable to access an online ballot, please contact Patricia via email or through the Connect Card so that other arrangements can be made.

The results of the ballot will be reported to the congregation on June 8.

Have questions regarding any of the proposed items? Contact the SLC.